This is a work of fiction created for the Twilight 2000 Role Playing Game. Original material © Dave Ross

Acknowledgements / Credits

I first started to seriously work on what would eventually become the Alternative Survivor’s Guide to the United Kingdom in 2003 / 2004, although some of my handwritten notes go back as far as the late 1990’s, My original intention was relatively modest – I wanted to expand on the order of battle for British forces in the UK, with a particular emphasis on the TA and HSF, which were largely overlooked in the official material. As I worked on that, I posted various pieces on the Twilight 2000 forum at RPG Host and its successor, the Juhlin Forum which led to various conversations taking place, both on and off the board, and gradually I began to develop something that expanded my vision of the UK in T2K, based on the framework put forward in the official material. I chose to set it June 2000 as that predates any likely return to the UK by the BAOR (my view has always been that once the BAOR returns from Europe with its superior firepower and battle hardened veterans  it is only a matter of time before HMG subdues the various marauder / separatist groups in the UK). This also predates the US withdrawal from Europe, so the US military still has a significant presence in the UK.

I would reiterate that this work is strictly non canonical (and indeed does clash with canon on occasion, although I have attempted to keep such clashes to a minimum and work within the framework of the canon material as much as possible, but adding additional layers of detail). My intention is not, and never has been, to replace the official material or claim any sort of official status for my own work – the intention, quite simply, is to put forward an alternative take on the UK in T2K which gamers can use – or not – as they wish. The Survivor’s Guide to the United Kingdom published by GDW remains available to purchase in electronic format through Drive Thru RPG or in hard copy from Far Future Enterprises.

A number of people have supported and encouraged me in writing this material; many have offered feedback and suggestions, several of which I have attempted to incorporate into the work, and would probably never have thought of on my own. To all of you, thank you. In particular, I’d like to acknowledge the following members of the Juhlin Forum:

Louie, whose help has been invaluable, particularly with regard to the order of battle - it was Louie who first put forward the idea of TA Battalions being rebadged.

Sean Nolan, who has contributed a huge amount of input, in particular to the Regional Guide, specifically the sections on Scotland and Wales

DudeUK. This project did spend some time in hiatus from 2006 to 2008, and it would be fair to say that had DudeUK not posted a thread to the forum about the order of battle which caused me to dust everything off, it might well have stayed in hiatus.

James Langham, who has also contributed a number of ideas and suggestions, particularly pertaining to the section on the Dutch. James also contributed a number of suggestions to the article on the King’s Messengers.

Both DudeUK and Sean Nolan have also contributed text to various pieces - DudeUK wrote sections of the Timeline and the Border Reivers in the Marauders section was jointly written by myself and Sean.

In The Shadow of the Mushroom Cloud (Timeline, 1997) is taken from “Hammer to Fall” by Queen, written by Brian May

Various parts of the work have been inspired by episodes of the BBC TV series “Spooks” and “Survivors”. The New Jerusalem Movement was also partly inspired the novel “Icon” by Frederick Forsyth. The character of Gene Hunt first appeared in the BBC TV series Life on Mars created by Matthew Graham, Tony Jordan, and Ashley Pharoah. Codename Kyril is taken from a novel by John Trenhaile and the character of Nikita Drozdov was inspired by a character in the novel “The Fourth Protocol” by  Frederick Forsyth.

A great deal of information has also come from the following sources:

The Secret State, Peter Hennessy, publisher Penguin Books

NATO Order of Battle 1989 as posted on the Tanket forum

Encyclopaedia of the Modern Territorial Army, Bob Peedle, publisher Patrick Stephens

Encyclopaedia of Modern Royal Air Force Squadrons, Chris Ashworth, publisher Patrick Stephens

The Defence of the Realm - an Authorised History of MI5, Christopher Andrew, publisher Penguin Books

GCHQ, Richard Aldrich, publisher Harper Press

Subterranea Britannica,

Particularly Struggle for Survival - Governing Britain after the Bomb, by Steve Fox,

The Survivor’s Guide to the United Kingdom, by Peter Phillipps and Loren K Wiseman, publisher Games Designer Workshop

Numerous wikipedia articles

For any comments / feedback / discussion I can be contacted at

Dave Ross

August 2013