This is a work of fiction created for the Twilight 2000 Role Playing Game. Original material © Dave Ross

The MI5 Officer

Born in Cheshire in 1954, John Nash was recruited by the British Security Service in 1976, whilst in his final year studying Sociology at the University of Sussex, joining the Service the following year after his graduation with an honours degree. Joining F Branch, the Division responsible for Counter Subversion and Counter Terrorism, by the start of the 1980's he was involved in the Service's operations against what was known as the "Hard Left", a term used to refer to a number of Marxist and Trotskyist groups active in the UK. In 1987 MI5 started picking up chatter about a new group that had emerged. Called the Democratic Front for the Liberation of England (DFLE), it was more radical, advocated direct action against the State, was already responsible for the murder several people including two policemen, and threatened more violence.

"Pro Rege et Patria - For King and Country"

John Nash

John went undercover, with a false name, a false identity. He went on the rallies, the protests, the demonstrations against Trident and Polaris, fought in the running clashes with the police. He was there when a young copper got cornered by a group of activists, had to kick the poor bugger in the head so his cover wasn't blown. He moved from one squalid bedsit to another, from squat to squat, listened as the anarchists and the Trotskyites debated their rhetoric. All for Queen and country.

He managed to infiltrate the DFLE. The group was led by a man called Rod and a woman called Juliette. John got close to them. He got really close to Juliette. They started sleeping together. When she fucked him in his bedsit she didn't know that hidden cameras and microphones were recording everything, picking up every word that she said. She didn’t know that those words would be used against her as evidence one day. She didn't know that he was lying when he told her that he loved her, didn't know that he was only doing his job.  For Queen and Country.

By now John was part of the DFLE's inner circle, trusted by them. Party to all of their plans.  They still thought he was one of them the day Special Branch and SO19 [note 1] kicked in the door of the flat they were all meeting in,  caught them in possession of weapons and explosives, took them all down to Paddington Green nick [2], where the Service came and got John. The trials took place at the Old Bailey [3]. The prosecution played a tape of Juliette boasting about her role in the policemen’s murder, left out the part where she told John she loved him. He gave evidence from behind a screen to protect his identity. He heard Juliette hurl abuse at him from the dock. She and Rod got life. The Daily Mail said they should have been hanged. John went home and drunk a bottle of whisky.

After the trial he was transferred to the Service's B Branch and took on a training role where he spent several years instructing new recruits. He got bored with that eventually and in March 1991 he was transferred to a different Section, one that officially didn’t exist, one that was authorised to use the most extreme measures to deal with threats to national security [4]. Between 1992 and 1995 John killed three people, all of whom were deemed to pose a threat to Queen and Country.

The cock up happened at the start of 1995. It wasn’t John’s fault. The Intel was bad. The wrong target was identified. An innocent man ended up dead, murdered by the State. Someone had to be blamed. There was nothing public of course, it was all dealt with quietly. He was summoned to a meeting with the Deputy Director General. His Section head was there too, a man called Harry Price, and a woman from Human Resources. If he'd made the right noises of contrition, eaten a big enough dose of humble pie, John might have been able to keep his job. If he hadn't downed three scotches before the meeting he might have been OK. Harry tried his best, said that on his day John was one of the best there was. But John wasn't about to kiss the arses of fucking suits sitting there in their fancy offices with their Oxbridge degrees, on the fast track. What did they know about the realities of working in the field?

He was fired ten days before the Sino Soviet War broke out. He tried to get work in the private sector, spoke to some old mates that had retired from the Service and set up as private security consultants, but the DDG had put the word out that he was damaged goods so none of them would touch him. When the Bundeswehr crossed the Inner German Border in 1996 he was working as a security guard in Portsmouth, escorting cash deliveries to ATM's, that sort of crap.

He survived the bombs. He knew how to look after himself so he survived the chaos that followed.  He kept under the radar. Or so he thought. The Army picked him up in June 1998. They could do pretty much what they liked now under the Emergency Legislation. Drove him from Portsmouth to Winchester. Harry Price was waiting for him. Only now he was Sir Harry Price, and was Director General of the Security Service. Harry didn’t tell John how he’d tracked him down. Just told him that the Service had suffered horrendous losses during the nuclear exchanges, lost a lot of people when London was nuked - John allowed himself a chuckle at the thought that the bitch from HR that had fired him had finished up as just so many atoms floating about in the atmosphere. Harry needed all the help that he could get. He needed John. It wasn’t for Queen and Country any more. The Queen was gone. God hadn't done a very good job when it came to saving her.

John reports directly to Harry now. He can be found virtually anywhere in the United Kingdom, driving a Land Rover Discovery. He takes care of the jobs that Harry needs done.  He doesn’t really trust anyone, not even Harry, so he prefers to work alone, that way he doesn't have to rely on anyone else, although sometimes  he will be accompanied by one or two other MI5 officers or soldiers. He knows a lot of people in the Service, trained quite a few of them at Hampshire. Five feet eleven inches tall, John is always armed with a Sig Sauer P226 9mm pistol. When out in the field will also carry a Steyr AUG A1 Assault Rifle and will have various other items of kit in his Land Rover, including a kevlar vest, several cases of ammunition, and jerry cans of diesel. He likes a drink, preferably  decent Scotch whisky. When he’s off duty he drinks a lot. He also smokes a lot, and will always have a packet of cigarettes and a lighter on his person. He’s still bitter about the way the Service made him a scapegoat in 1995. But he is alive, is a survivor, and plans to stay that way.  

Pro Rege et Patria

For King and Country.


John Nash can be encountered anywhere in the United Kingdom. Reporting directly to the Director General of MI5, he will most likely be involved in a high level mission and may be alone or accompanied by one or two others. Alternatively if the PC's are working directly for HMG, he may be assigned to work with the group.

John Nash

45 years old, Elite NPC

Sig Sauer P226 Pistol, Steyr AUG A1 Assault Rifle


1 x Land Rover Discovery

Twists and Turns

At the GM's discretion the MI5 Officer may be covertly working with the New Jerusalem Movement. It is also possible that he may encounter former members of the DFLE who escaped from jail in the aftermath of the nuclear exchanges.


1. SO19 - The Metropolitan Police's specialist firearms section (In real life renamed CO19 in 2005 then SCO19 in 2012)

2. Paddington Green nick - Located in central London, Paddington Green police station is a high security police station where those suspected of terrorist activities are often held

3. Old Bailey - the Central Criminal Court of England and Wales; the Court that hears the most serious criminal cases in London

4. This is, of course, entirely fictional, and the British Security Service does not have such a Section. Or does it?