This is a work of fiction created for the Twilight 2000 Role Playing Game. Original material © Dave Ross

The New Jerusalem Movement

“And did those feet in ancient time.
Walk upon England's mountains green:
And was the holy Lamb of God,
On England's pleasant pastures seen!

And did the Countenance Divine,
Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
And was Jerusalem builded here,
Among these dark Satanic Mills?

Bring me my Bow of burning gold;
Bring me my Arrows of desire:
Bring me my Spear: O clouds unfold!
Bring me my Chariot of fire!

I will not cease from Mental Fight,
Nor shall my Sword sleep in my hand:
Till we have built Jerusalem,
In England's green and pleasant Land”

Jerusalem”, words by William Blake, music by Sir Hubert Parry

“Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”

Dr Samuel Johnson

The New Jerusalem Movement is a shadowy cabal of senior figures within the British establishment who crave a return to the days of the 19th Century when the British Empire was at the peak of its power. The group takes its name from the hymn Jerusalem, regarded by many as England's most patriotic song. Its membership numbers approximately seventy men and women, and includes members of the aristocracy, Government, and Security Services, and senior officers within the British Armed Forces.


The Movement's origins can be traced back to the 1980's (it is believed that its first leader was a Cabinet Minister in Margaret Thatcher’s Government), to whispered conversations in the corridors of power in Westminster, to drinks shared over the bar in Officers’ Messes and Royal Navy Wardrooms, to discrete meetings in private gentlemen's clubs in the heart of London, to weekend gatherings at country houses in the heart of rural England where like minded souls harkened back to the glory days of Empire, the days when Britannia quite literally ruled the waves. In the aftermath of the 1997 nuclear exchanges these people saw their chance, saw the devastation wreaked on the country not as a disaster of unimaginable magnitude but as an opportunity, a chance for a new Britain to arise from the ashes, a country shaped by them, a country that would retake what they saw as its rightful place as a major World power.

The New Jerusalem Movement see themselves as English patriots. Their long term goal is to take control of the Army and use it to carry out a coup d’état to overthrow the Government, and to this end they have begun working on what they refer to as the UNICORN plan, a detailed plan of how they intend to realise that goal. They are staunch supporters of the Monarchy, but believe the King should serve as a figurehead, with the real power lying with the group’s leaders, who would form the Government. They believe that England should be the dominant nation within the United Kingdom, with Scotland and Wales effectively becoming provinces of a Greater England, by force if necessary. Their position on the island of Ireland is less clear, and is a subject of constant debate amongst the Movement’s leadership; some members favour a military conquest of the island, whilst others argue that Ireland is not a part of Great Britain and should be left to its own devices.

So far the New Jerusalem Movement has managed to avoid attracting the attention of the Security Services, thanks in no small part to the fact that several members holding senior positions within MI5 have so far managed to suppress any mention of it in any official reports. Full meetings of the group are rare, not only because of the need to maintain their security but also because of the logistical difficulties of gathering together people scattered all over southern England.

The Movement has acquired a number of military issue small arms, which it has split into four caches, each of which is hidden in a different location in southern England. The largest of these caches is located in a warehouse on the outskirts of Portsmouth and contains two “Snatch” armoured Land Rovers, two Bedford four ton trucks, thirty five L85A1 assault rifles, four FN Minimi Squad Automatic Weapons, two L7A2 GPMG’s, several thousand rounds of ammunition, and small numbers of L2A2 fragmentation grenades, as well as ration packs, webbing, DPM uniforms, small amounts of medical supplies, and several hundred litres of diesel fuel. The other caches are located at various locations throughout Southern England, and contain small numbers of small arms, food, and medical supplies.

Charles Seymour, 9th Earl of Bridgewater

The Leader of the New Jerusalem Movement is Charles Seymour, the 9th Earl of Bridgewater. Born in 1945, Seymour was educated at Eton College and Brasenose College, Oxford, where he studied Classics. He was commissioned into the Grenadier Guards in 1967, serving for fourteen years before leaving the Army with the rank of Major in 1981. He lives with his wife Ruth and twenty five year old daughter Olivia and twenty one year old son and heir Hugo at the family’s ancestral home, Somerton House, which is near the town of Crowborough in East Sussex. His eldest son, John, was killed in 1997 aged thirty while serving as a Company Commander with his father’s old Regiment, the Grenadier Guards, in Poland.

John’s death hit the elder Seymour hard; his son had been raised from childhood to be his heir, and shared his father’s values and beliefs, whereas much to Charles’ chagrin Hugo is a reserved and introverted young man who shows no interest in politics, and the relationship between Charles and his younger son is occasionally fraught. He has a much closer relationship with his daughter, Olivia, who is fully committed to the Movement’s goals, causing Charles to regret the laws of succession which mean that his title will pass to Hugo on his death.

Upon meeting Seymour for the first time, he will come across an eloquent, charismatic and cultured individual, conversant in Latin and French, he can be extremely persuasive. He is always immaculately dressed in a well tailored suit, often sporting a tie from either Eton College or the Brigade of Guards. Beneath this facade he can be quite ruthless when he wishes to be, however. He likes to share a malt whisky with guests at his study in Somerton House, where portraits of Nelson and Wellington adorn the walls and he is surrounded by his collection of rare books and first editions. Seymour regularly plays host to the UNICORN planning group at Somerton House, and the only written draft of the plan is kept in a wall safe in his study that is hidden behind the portrait of Wellington. The safe has a combination lock that is known only to Seymour, Lieutenant General Sir Tony Mathams, Colonel William Forsythe, and Seymour’s daughter Olivia.

Seymour is keen to implement UNICORN and seize control of the Government before the main body of the BAOR returns from Germany, believing that the returning troops will be more ready to accept New Jerusalem’s leadership if it is already in place when they arrive home (particularly if the troops think it was the new Government that was responsible for bringing them home). He knows that when the BAOR does return he can count on the loyalty of the commander of the 4th Armoured Division, Major General Julian Maitland-Brown, who is General Mathams’ brother in law and is himself a committed member of the New Jerusalem Movement.

Seymour despises the French, seeing their refusal to join the War in 1996 as a betrayal, and knows that at the moment they represent the greatest outside threat to his plans to restore the UK to its former glories.

Charles Seymour does not normally carry a weapon himself, although he is proficient with small arms. He is guarded by half a dozen former soldiers, all of whom are very experienced and are armed with L85A2 assault rifles and Browning 9mm pistols.

Lieutenant General Sir Tony Mathams, GCB, CBE, DSO, MC and Bar

Born in 1944, Tony Mathams was commissioned into the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers as a Second Lieutenant in 1965. During a long career in the Army he has served in the UK, Aden (where he won a Military Cross), West Germany, Hong Kong, and Northern Ireland (where he was awarded a Bar to his Military Cross). At the outbreak of the Twilight War he was a Major General and had recently relinquished command of the 1st Armoured Division to take on the role of Commandant of the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, a post he held until January 1998, when he was promoted to Lieutenant General and appointed to the post of Adjutant General, making him one of the most senior officers in the British Army. He was knighted by the King in 1999.

General Mathams joined the Movement in the late 1980’s, and is currently the most senior member of the Armed Forces in its membership. When the time comes for the group to seize control it is planned that Mathams will take command of the Army. Popular with the troops he has commanded, and with a reputation for leading from the front, he commands a great deal of loyalty within the Army, with several officers who have now achieved high rank having served under him at some point in their careers. He has a house within the HQ UKLF complex which he shares with his wife, Lady Annabelle and his sister Claire. Forty nine years old, Claire is married to Major General Julian Maitland-Brown, the Commanding General of the 4th Armoured Division in Germany. Like most Army wives, she was evacuated from Germany to the UK in late 1996.

The General has his own staff car. When out and about he is usually accompanied by a driver and a close protection bodyguard from the Royal Military Police, both of whom are very loyal to him. He is usually armed with a Browning 9mm automatic pistol.

Simon Townsend, MP (Conservative)

Born in rural Oxfordshire in 1955, Simon Townsend was educated at Harrow School and Magdalen College, Oxford, from where he graduated in 1976 with a First in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. Whilst at University he was active in Politics, joining the Conservative Party, and he entered Parliament in the 1987 General Election as the Member for the safe Conservative seat of Mid Sussex. He held various Ministerial posts in the 1987 and 1991 Conservative Governments, and when the Conservatives lost the 1995 General Election he was part of the Shadow Cabinet, where he held the post of Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury.

Townsend survived the nuclear attack on London – he was at his Constituency home near East Grinstead when the Capital was targeted by Soviet nuclear weapons in late November 1997. Taken into protective custody for his own safety by the Military, he formed part of the reconstituted Government when Martial Law was wound down and currently holds the position of Minister of State at the Home Office, effectively making him the Home Secretary’s Deputy. As a Member of the Government he is entitled to a close protection detail from the Royal Military Police, and is usually accompanied by several Military Policemen and women, who are tasked with  protecting Townsend against any perceived threats, but are unaware of his membership of New Jerusalem.

A member of the Movement for nearly ten years, the UNICORN plan intends that Townsend will assume the office of Prime Minister when the group takes control. Extremely intelligent, he does not suffer fools gladly, and can come over as quite arrogant. Married to Jane, he spends most of his time at the UK’s Provisional Capital, interspersed with occasional visits to his home in East Grinstead, which is conveniently located close to Charles Seymour’s family estate.

Joanna Walker

Born in Sheffield in1973, Jo Walker graduated from the University of Durham with a degree in Sociology in 1994, at which point she was recruited by the Security Service. Completing her training, she was assigned to the Service’s K Branch, responsible for Counter Espionage. With many MI5 officers killed during the 1997 nuclear exchanges, the Service had to reorganise at the start of 1998, and Walker was transferred to G Branch, Internal Security.

Whilst at University Walker was overheard several times making comments that suggested she might be sympathetic to New Jerusalem’s ideals, and she was recruited into the organisation in 1995. Her current role is to take care of any “problems” the Movement encounters, and to this end she has personally executed several people who, whether by chance or design, have come close to discovering the group’s existence. She also frequently acts as a courier, hand delivering messages between different members of the group, both within the territory controlled by HMG and, on occasion, further afield.

Jo Walker can be encountered practically anywhere in southern England, usually driving a diesel fuelled Land Rover Discovery. She carries a Browning 9mm automatic and an MP5 Submachine Gun. She is totally committed to the Movement and will not hesitate to take whatever action is required to further its goals, a fact she has proven several times.

Colonel William Forsythe

Born in 1954, William Forsythe graduated from the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, in 1975, following which he was commissioned into the 1st Battalion, Queen’s Regiment. Forsyth rose steadily through the years, serving in the UK, Cyprus, Germany, and Northern Ireland, where he served as both a Platoon and Company Commander, and by the outbreak of the Twilight War he was a Lieutenant Colonel commanding the Queen’s Regiment’s 2nd Battalion in West Germany. He proved to be an able Commanding Officer, leading his Battalion across eastern Germany and western Poland during the opening months of the War. He returned to the UK in mid 1997 when he was promoted to full Colonel, and is currently assigned to HQ, UKLF, where he serves as a Staff officer.

Forsythe has a meticulous eye for detail and is the chief architect of the UNICORN plan. He has also been responsible for the theft of much of the arms and equipment that the group now have hidden at various sites throughout the south of England. Divorced for nearly ten years, the Colonel is an occasional overnight guest at Somerton House, and has become quite besotted with Charles Seymour’s daughter Olivia, however thus far these feelings have not been reciprocated.