This is a work of fiction created for the Twilight 2000 Role Playing Game. Original material © Dave Ross

Bandito Yankee

Before the Twilight War the United Kingdom was home to a number of United States military bases, mostly belonging to the US Air Force, although the US Navy also maintained a presence in the UK. Whilst these bases played a key role in the first two years of the War, by the end of 1998 fuel shortages had brought most air operations to an end, and senior US commanders decided to evacuate several bases so that they could consolidate personnel, aircraft, and other materials in the relatively secure south of England. Whilst most personnel obeyed the order to abandon their bases, some did not. Some of those who opted to stay joined local communities, bolstering their defence forces, or made for one the emerging Free Cities, but a number simply turned marauder, preying on the communities that had once been their neighbours.

Bandito Yankee is one such group, formed from US airmen who deserted from their base at RAF Alconbury in Cambridgeshire at the end of 1998. Currently numbering some thirty men and women, Bandito Yankee is relatively small when compared to some of the marauder groups that infest England in the summer of 2000, but it is unquestionably one of the most well armed and well equipped, being armed with standard US military small arms, primarily M16 assault rifles, but also including M249 Squad Automatic Weapons, M203 grenade launchers, and  two M60 machine guns as well as several shotguns, and have a wide range of equipment, including woodland BDU camouflage uniforms, kevlar helmets and body armour.

Bandito Yankee has established its base in a large country house located in an isolated spot approximately five miles from the village of Silverstone in Northamptonshire . The house belonged to a wealthy businessman before the War; in March 1998 it was overrun by refugees, and several groups have occupied it since; the Americans took it over in March, killing most of the previous inhabitants. The fate of the original owner is unknown. Eleven women aged between seventeen and thirty three are held captive at the house, where they are forced to cook clean for the group in addition to being subjected to frequent rape. Several marauders will always be on guard and the grounds of the house have been set with several booby traps including half a dozen claymore mines.

The group is highly mobile; as well as two USAF M1116 armoured Humvees and an M750 armoured car, it has a British Army Land Rover, and two civilian SUV's, all of which have been converted to run on alcohol fuels, which the group either steal from local communities or buy in Northampton. One of the M60's has been mounted on one of the Humvees, whilst the other has a Mark 19 Grenade Launcher. They have more than enough small arms ammunition for their needs but less than twenty 40mm HE rounds for the grenade launchers, so these are used sparingly (small arms ammo can be replenished, albeit with difficulty, but 40mm grenades are practically impossible to come by in England outside the remaining US airbases). Their main hunting ground is the area between the Free Cities of Cambridge and Northampton, as this keeps them well away from the Anglo American forces in East Anglia  and the remaining military personnel in and around Huntingdon. They range through the region,  what they wish from local communities who are unable to resist their superior firepower. They have a well earned reputation for violence; when several villages tried to stand against them at the start of 1999 the Americans killed the organisers of the resistance and burned the homes of the rest of the villagers. Word soon spread, and most communities "visited" by Bandito Yankee now acquiesce to their demands. They are frequent visitors to the Free City of Northampton where they will spend time in the City's bars and brothels as well as trading any unwanted loot for food, fuel, ammunition, and other supplies.

Stephen Sawyer

Bandito Yankee's leader is thirty one year old Stephen Sawyer. A former airman in the US Air Force from the town of Jericho in Missouri, Sawyer was stationed at Alconbury, where he was assigned to a provisional security police unit formed at the end of 1997 to assist with internal security and disaster relief tasks in the Cambridgeshire area. He deserted with several others in late 1998, while on a patrol outside Huntingdon, killing several of their colleagues who tried to stop them. Taking their vehicles and weapons, they formed what would eventually become Bandito Yankee, with Sawyer as their leader, a position he has retained as the group has grown to its current size.

Sawyer's ambition is to emerge from the Twilight War a rich and powerful man. He has little compassion, and will deal ruthlessly with anyone who

stands against him. He has survived two attempted coups (in both cases the plotters were killed), which have served to make him extremely paranoid, distrusting virtually everyone. He is habitually armed with an M16A2 assault rifle and an M9 Beretta pistol.