This is a work of fiction created for the Twilight 2000 Role Playing Game. Original material © Dave Ross

The Secret Intelligence Service

     More commonly known as MI6 or “Six”, the Secret Intelligence Service is the       arm of British Intelligence responsible for operations overseas. Its London       headquarters, Century House, was destroyed in the 1997 nuclear exchanges,       and since early 1999 the Service has been located at Glanville House, a       discrete country estate five miles south of Salisbury. It also has a more covert       facility at Fort Monkton in Hampshire which it shares with the Security Service       (MI5). The SIS does not normally operate within the UK – domestic       operations fall under the remit of the Security Service.

The Service still retains a number of officers in a number of countries overseas, most noticeably Eastern Europe, Iran, and France, whilst two MI6 officers are attached to the British Embassy to the US Military Government in Colorado Springs and similar numbers are attached to Embassies in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada (unknown to Milgov, MI6 also has one officer based in the Civgov Capital at Omaha). It also has outstations at several British territories overseas, most notably the British Sovereign Base Area at Akrotiri in Cyprus, which controls all MI6 operations in the Middle East, and Hong Kong.

These officers continue to actively collate what intelligence they can (often by recruiting local nationals as agents), however many lack the means to relay their information back to England and must make do as best they can – officers in Eastern Europe generally try and get their information back to the BAOR in Germany, who will then relay it on to the UK. Others must use their ingenuity as best as they can (a notable exception are the MI6 personnel based at the British Embassy in Paris, who remain in radio contact with Glanville House, and will on rare occasions hand courier particularly sensitive information back to the UK).

Whilst its main role is confined to intelligence gathering, Six occasionally carries out more direct action against the UK’s enemies overseas, and is currently actively – though covertly – supporting the Dutch resistance against Franco Belgian forces in occupied southern Holland. The Service maintains close links with both its sister service, MI5, and the US Defence Intelligence Agency.

The Service is headed by a Chief, who is always known as C. The letter does not stand for “Chief” – the first Chief was Sir Mansfield Cumming, who was known as C after the initial of his surname, a tradition that has continued throughout the Service’s existence (in his series of James Bond novels author Ian Fleming called the head of MI6 “M”, after Cumming’s first initial). The current C is Sir Alan Sanderson.