This is a work of fiction created for the Twilight 2000 Role Playing Game. Original material © Dave Ross

This is a work of fiction created for the Twilight 2000 Role Playing Game

The Security Service

The Security Service, commonly known as MI5, is the United Kingdom’s counter intelligence and security agency. Before the Twilight War, the Service was responsible for the protection of British Parliamentary Democracy and economic interests, counter terrorism and counter espionage within the UK, and whilst it retains these responsibilities, its remit has expanded significantly since the start of the War and now includes operations against the various warlord and separatist groups in the UK. Since 1999 it has been based at the Army Barracks at Worthy Down, just outside Winchester, however it shares a more covert facility at Fort Monkton in Gosport with the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) as well as having major outstations at the Army base at Catterick in North Yorkshire and the Navy base at Devonport. The Service is headed by its Director General, currently Sir Harry Price, who answers to the Home Secretary, Victoria Redman. The Deputy Director General is Pippa Wright. Its total strength is some two hundred and fifty men and women (this figure does not include locally recruited agents).


Before the War the Service was split into a number of different departments, known as Branches, each of which had its own Director. During the course of the Twilight War several Branches have changed their role or merged together, and the current structure is as follows

A Branch – Operational Support

A1A - Technical operations; covert entry, eavesdropping devices, covert photography

A2A - Transcription of intercepted material

A4 - Mobile and static surveillance units

A5 – Humint co ordination

A1A’s personnel include a number of highly skilled burglars; A4’s staff are known within the Service as “The Watchers” and are responsible for carrying out surveillance of persons of interest to the Service; currently much of the Watchers’ attention is focused on monitoring the French Embassy’s staff. A5, also known as “The Handlers”, is responsible for running a network of agents throughout the British mainland (agents in Northern Ireland are handled by T Branch); as such officers from A5 can be encountered throughout the UK, generally operating under some form of cover, handling agents and collating intelligence. The information is then relayed to Winchester either by radio or, occasionally, courier.

B Branch – Human Resources

B1 - Protective security for MI5 buildings and staff

B2 - Personnel Department

B7 - Training and recruitment

Well armed and equipped, B1 provides security for MI5’s Headquarters in Winchester. B7 is located at Fort Monkton; the Service still recruits a small number of people each Year.

G Branch – Internal Security

G1 – England (North) (Based Catterick Garrison)

G2 – England (West) (Based HMS Drake, Plymouth)

G3 – England (East)

G4 – Wales

G5 – Scotland (Based Catterick Garrison)

Currently the largest Branch in the Service, G Branch is responsible for operations against the various unlawful and separatist groups in the UK, and has a number of small teams operating covertly throughout the UK distributing pro Government information, gathering intelligence on the various regional factions, and attempting to destabilise these factions. G Branch works closely with the Military, particularly the various Special Forces units based in the UK (Zulu Squadron, 22 SAS; 2nd Battalion, Parachute Regiment; and the Commachio Group, Royal Marines Commandos). G Branch’s operatives are usually well equipped, and are armed with a number of different weapons including G11’s, M4’s, M203 Grenade launchers, and Minimi light machine guns).

H Branch – Corporate Affairs

H1 – Liaison Office (Government, Military, SIS, Friendly Foreign Intelligence Agencies)

H4 – Finance

R2 – File Registry

Y Files (Restricted Access)

H Branch is located at Headquarters in Winchester; H1 serves as a liaison between the Service and other parts of the Government and allied Intelligence agencies (including the DIA, the Dutch National Intelligence and Security Agency (BVD), and, unofficially, the DGSE). The Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) has an officer assigned to H1. H4 provides funds for the other Branches. After four years of War these funds often come in the form of gold, precious stones, or items for barter rather than paper money. The Y Files are kept under armed guard at all times; access to these files requires the authority of the Director General or the Home Secretary.

K Branch – Counter Espionage

K4 - Counter Espionage

Before the War most of K Branch’s efforts were concentrated on countering the activities of the KGB and other Warsaw Pact Intelligence services in the UK. Whilst it still carries out this role, it has extended its remit to also focus on French Intelligence; K Branch works closely with A Branch.

T Branch – Northern Ireland

T2A – Investigates Irish Terrorism on the UK Mainland

T8 – Investigates Irish Terrorism on the island of Ireland (Based Armagh)

Most of T Branch’s personnel are based in Northern Ireland; T8 maintains a small presence at Winchester, although its personnel are frequently seconded to other Branches.