This is a work of fiction created for the Twilight 2000 Role Playing Game. Original material © Dave Ross

Order of Battle, HM Forces, UK Mainland, 01 June 2000

Joint Services

Joint Services Headquarters

The British Army

HQ, United Kingdom Land Forces

Southern District

30 Engineer Brigade

2nd Infantry Brigade

32nd (Guards) Infantry Brigade

43rd (Wessex) Infantry Brigade

3rd Logistic Brigade

101st Logistic Brigade

The Royal Navy

HQ, Commander in Chief Naval Home Command

Royal Navy Shore Company, Portsmouth

Royal Navy Shore Company, Devonport

The Royal Air Force

RAF Strike Command

Number One Group, RAF

Other Garrisons

Catterick Garrison

His Majesty’s Forces, Scotland

Writer’s Note

The Army part of this order of battle is based on the real life British Army order of battle where an amended Options for Change (known as Options for the Future) took place in response to the ongoing Cold War. Under Options for the Future the TA undergoes a modest restructure which increases its strength by four Infantry Battalions and one Yeomanry Regiment. The consolidation of various Corps into the Royal Logistics Corps goes ahead as it did in real life. I’d like to particularly thank LouieD for his help with this section.