This is a work of fiction created for the Twilight 2000 Role Playing Game. Original material © Dave Ross

The Three Kings

John Stevens

       Born in the working class area of Byker in 1960, before the War John Stevens was a major        figure in the Newcastle underworld, where he was heavily involved in loan sharking, protection        rackets, and prostitution. He currently dominates the Quayside area, and there is little that        happens in the various bars and strip clubs that he is not aware of. As a form of entertainment        he also organises regular bare knuckle fights that take place in a former warehouse on the        Quayside. Whilst these flights are brutal and bloody, they are generally not fatal, and those        taking part are generally willing participants, who are well rewarded (several of the fighters are        on Stevens’ payroll and work for him as hired muscle when not fighting). From time to time        however, Stevens arranges so called "death matches". The participants of these bouts have        been taken against their will and forced to fight  Both the regular bouts and the death        matches attract large amounts of gambling, all of which is controlled by Stevens.

Meeting Stevens is relatively straight forward – his home is an apartment in the city centre, but  he spends most evenings holding court in the Opal Room, a strip club / brothel on the Quayside, where he is surrounded by several armed bodyguards and a number of semi naked women who will cater to any vice. Should he see anyone in the bar that he thinks may have useful talents, he will invite them to join him for a “chat” over a drink, an invitation it can be unwise to decline. Those who do join him for one of these chats will find that he can be extremely hospitable, offering drink, cigarettes, and women. He is not a good man to cross however; he has a violent streak and carries a 9mm automatic pistol and a police issue collapsible baton, which, together with his fists, he will not hesitate to use. He will usually stay at the Opal Room until the early hours of the morning, often taking advantage of the services of one or more of the girls, before being driven home by his bodyguards (he owns several vehicles, for which he has access to a supply of petrol). He is well aware of Phil Walker’s hatred of him, a feeling that is more than reciprocated.  The first three months of 2000 saw an ever increasing spiral of tit for tat violence between the two that culminated in one of Stevens’ Quayside bars being burnt to the ground, killing several of his henchmen and prostitutes. In the wake of the fire a ceasefire of sorts was arranged, and whilst an uneasy peace currently exists between all Three Kings, Stevens wants revenge against Walker.

Kevin Morgan

       The oldest of the Three Kings, before the War Kevin Morgan was a prominent local        businessman, owning Morgan Transport, a haulage company with a fleet of over 200 trucks.        Based in Newcastle, Morgan’s trucks were a familiar sight on the roads throughout the        North East of England and beyond. He was well known throughout Newcastle, being on first        name terms with members of the City’s local Government and business leaders, many of        whom regularly benefited from his generous hospitality, attending parties at his home in        Jesmond, an affluent suburb in the north of the City.

       When War broke out Morgan used his contacts to ensure that Government contracts to        distribute food and other essential goods went to his company. Even in the immediate        aftermath of the nuclear strikes, Morgan’s position as the owner of a haulage company        carrying out essential work meant that he continued to receive fuel supplies when others        did not. As law and order began to break down throughout the UK slowly at first but with

ever increasing momentum, his wealth continued to increase, as did his influence within Newcastle, and he currently controls a lucrative trade in black market goods including fuel, alcohol, and cigarettes. Morgan craves power and wealth and dreams of ruling the entire north east of England.  Unlike Stevens and Walker, Morgan prefers to let others get their hands dirty, and he is supported by a number of local thugs, whose loyalty in many cases he has purchased with luxury goods.

Fifty eight years old, Morgan still lives in Jesmond. He shares his home with his second wife, Lauren, who he has been married to for eleven years, their two children. His home and family are protected by several former Northumbria Police officers who are on his payroll and are armed with MP5's and L2A3 Sterling SMG's and automatic pistols. Morgan himself carries a 9mm Browning. Unknown to Morgan, one of his body guards has been coerced into working for Phil Walker to protect his family.

Phil Walker

Born in Gateshead in 1970, as a youth Chris Walker attended a local boxing club, where he soon proved himself a formidable fighter. He also had a quick temper, and had several brushes with the police after he left school, the most serious of which came when he was charged with assault in 1991 following a fight outside a City pub and was jailed for eighteen months.

Released from jail in 1993, by the outbreak of the Twilight War he was working on the doors of Newcastle's  nightclubs as a bouncer. He was also involved in the City’s drug scene, making extra cash by selling drugs in the clubs he worked in and occasionally acting as an enforcer for one of the City’s drugs barons. In the aftermath of the 1998 nuclear exchanges Walker decided he wanted to be the leader rather than a follower; gathering a few associates, he took captive his erstwhile boss and several of his accomplices then proceeded to use a baseball bat to beat them to death one by one

whilst the others were forced to watch and beg futilely for their lives. Walker has continued to expand the territory he controls, dealing equally ruthlessly with all opposition, and and now effectively controls much of Gateshead. His rule is based on fear and violence. He likes those who cross him to suffer before they die, preferably at his own hands.

Six feet one inch tall, with a muscular build and hair that is cropped to little more than stubble, Walker presents an intimidating figure. He drives an alcohol fuelled black Mitsubishi L200 SUV with tinted windows, and is usually accompanied by several bodyguards. He is always armed with a Browning 9mm pistol and will also carry a police issue MP5 submachine gun from time to time. He is accustomed to simply taking whatever catches his eye, whether that is a woman, an expensive wristwatch, or some luxury item, resorting to casual violence without a moment’s hesitation. Walker is currently holding captive the wife and young child of one of Kevin Morgan’s bodyguards, threatening to kill them unless the man works for him. So far this has only consisted of supplying Walker with information about Morgan’s security and movements, but Walker is considering shattering the fragile peace that currently exists between the Three Kings by launching an attack on Morgan’s home. He also has an intense dislike for John Stevens, one that dates back to before the War when they were both involved in Newcastle’s underworld. Walker sees getting rid of Morgan as business, something that has to be done if he is to become the ruler of the entire City, killing Stevens would be pleasure whereas as far as he is concerned.