This is a work of fiction created for the Twilight 2000 Role Playing Game. Original material © Dave Ross

The Wampir

"We'd only been back in Krakow for a couple of days after pulling a convoy escort down to the Czech border, and we were looking forward to some downtime. So, there we were, at our usual table at the Basement Bar, just hanging out, knocking back the local hooch and concentrating on spending our wages getting drunk when Devereaux nudges me and nods towards the bar. The bar keep, Mariusz, is speaking to an old grey haired guy and pointing to our table. Devereaux and I look at each other then...I can see Devereaux has his hand on the butt of his .45...just to be on the safe side... as the old guy walks over. He's wearing a black suit, a black shirt and a white clerical collar....a Priest...but they tend not to come in to places like the Basement Bar. Anyways, the dude walked up to us, asked if he might speak to us for a few moments about a matter of great importance, so the LT shrugs and waves him into an empty seat.

Oh man. If only we'd known what we were about to get in to...I mean, Vampires?


So what does that make me?

Buffy Summers?"

From the journal of Spec 4 Olivia Greene, 5th Infantry Division, US Army

People are being killed in Krakow. Whilst five years of War have left the city's residents relatively accustomed to death, there is something unnerving about these particular murders. Given the transient nature of the City's population, the exact number of victims is unknown, but whether due to incompetence or corruption (or a combination of both)  the ORMO have been unable to make any inroads towards apprehending the culprit. Meanwhile, rumours have started to reach the Catholic Church hierarchy in Krakow, rumours fuelled by local superstition, rumours that say that some of the corpses bore the mark of the Wampir.

Rumours that a centuries old evil once again haunts Krakow.

The Priests were troubled. The most senior of them spoke to General Bohusz-Szyszko but he simply laughed and told the Priest not to be such a superstitious old fool. But the Priest was still concerned. And so he has decided to seek out others who may be able to assist him.

The PC's.


Natalia Zelazko is intended to offer a supernatural encounter by introducing a "Boss level" NPC with the potential to be a recurring villain into a Twilight 2000 campaign set in Poland. Whilst the encounter as written is set in Krakow, it can easily be adapted to virtually any organised City in Poland (or, with a little more modification, elsewhere). An encounter with her may leave the Catholic Church in Poland in the party's debt.

Interview With a Vampire

Dobry dzień,

   You know me as Natalia Zelazko, although that is not the name I was    given at birth, for I have had many names since then.  I am slim of    build, dark of hair, standing some five feet and eight inches in height    and with the appearance of one who may be in her thirties.  I have lived    in Krakow for a number of years. My home is in the Stare Miasto, the    Old Town, in a large fourth floor apartment that is on a quiet side street    only a few hundred yards from the Main Square, the Rynek Glowny. No    one can remember exactly how long I have lived there. I share my home    with three others.

Firstly there is Katarzyna, a girl who appears to be eighteen or nineteen years of age, who says little. Poor Katarzyna, for one so young she has seen so much War, so much anguish, so much death. She found her way to Krakow last year and now I try to protect her as best as I can, try to prevent her from seeing things that she should not see. Secondly there is Jerzy. Jerzy used to be a Sierzant, a Sergeant, in the Polish paratroopers, fought bravely when the NATO Armies invaded Poland in the year 1997, fought at the Battle of Czestochowa, where he was badly wounded fighting the invaders, and now serves as my bodyguard, for in these troubled times a Lady must have someone to guard her. And finally there is Magda. As a young woman Magda saw the Germans conquer Poland in 1939, saw the Soviets...liberate…in 1944...and what a liberation....for the first thing that her liberators did was throw her to her back and rape her...She is in her eighties now, has seen her country devastated once again. Magda cooks for us, cleans the apartment.

So...that is the Natalia Zelazko that you know....or think that you do...but... you do not really know do not know me at all....for you see...I am not like you. For I am not human. I was born into a noble family in what is now Hungary in the year of your Lord - your Lord,  not my Lord -  1560. Your kind have many different names for me and those like me. The Undead. Nightwalkers. Nosferatu. In Polish they call us "Wampir".


Your species are fascinated by my kind, have weaved tales about us for millennia, made us part of your myths and legends, blended the fact with the fiction. For you see mortals, I can walk in the daylight, I have a reflection. And I do need to feed, to feast on your blood. I have other strengths that you do not know about, as I have weaknesses. And I am not immortal....we can be killed...many years ago my mother and father were killed by people like yes, I can be killed...

But you don't seriously expect me to tell you how do you?  

Natalia Zelazko

Natalia Zelazko is well connected within the City, on first name terms with many of Krakow's more prominent Citizens, whether they be in the military or the underworld. She regularly hosts small, intimate gatherings at her home, where her guests can enjoy champagne, fine wines and spirits of pre War provenance, eat delicious foods (though she herself only partakes of her favoured red wines), and, it is rumoured, sample the delights of the flesh with willing girls. How accurate these rumours are is unknown, for those fortunate enough to gain admittance are discrete about what occurs, but it is well known that General Bohusz-Szyszko and Guz Stanislaw have both attended these gatherings (though not at the same time).

No one seems to know how long Natalia has lived in Krakow. She lives close to the main square, in a large fourth floor apartment  built in the traditional Polish style, with one long hallway running down the middle and a number of rooms on either side. Each room has a door into the hallway and also internal doors into the other rooms, so that if one stands in one end room and all the internal doors are open, one can look right through to the other end of the building. The apartment is well furnished, with the living room sporting a full size piano, which Natalia can play quite skilfully.

Natalia is always well dressed, carries herself with a grace and elegance that befits her aristocratic birth. Whilst she can walk in the daylight, she does find bright light unpleasant, so will often wear sunglasses, whilst indoors the lighting in her home will be subdued.  In addition to her native tongue, she can converse in English, Polish, Russian, German, and French with equal ease, having spent time in all of those lands during her long life, but cursed by her forever youthful features to never be able to linger in any one place for more than a few decades. She enjoys conversation, has discoursed with scholars, reasoned with fools, flirted with geniuses, made love to Kings - and Queens -  and seen dictators and empires rise and fall. She has seen War, much War, seen the weapons grow more powerful, until, finally, Oppenheimer's deadly creation was unleashed on the World.

And always, always, she has fed, for just like mortals, she must feed to survive. And for her to live mortals must die. She pays it no more heed, in the way that she imagines humans give no thought for the cattle that they slaughter for food. For that is all that the humans really are to her. Cattle.

And this latest War has made it so much easier to hunt the cattle. So much one notices another body in the Vistula.

It was the humans that first taught her to hate, for the humans killed her mother and her father, They drowned her mother, parted her father's head from his body, he a Prince, they mere peasants. She hunted down those peasants, hunted them down and made them pay. Made them suffer. Yes, she made them suffer, and terribly so, took vengeance for her murdered parents. Those who wrong her can expect no mercy. And if they flee she will follow them, she will find them. And by the time she is done with them they will beg for death. She can be kind too, just as a human may be kind to a favoured pet. When she first came across Magda she could have simply taken her, feasted on her. But she did not, rather she cared for her, and the woman has served her faithfully and loyally for decades...though to Natalia that is only a short period of time.

Natalia generally carries a Makarov pistol in a concealed holster (strapped to her left thigh if wearing a dress, otherwise at the small of her back). Bullets may not harm her, but they harm others.

Vampire Characteristics

Natalia Zelazko appears to be a normal human being of above average attractiveness. She is also strong, though not superhumanly so. Suggested stats are given as follows (GM's should feel free to change these as they wish):

STR: 10

AGL:  9

CON: 8

INT:   8

EDU: 7

CHA: 10

For Skill resolution, treat as an Elite NPC. She can move at 2x normal rates. Her bite is resolved as a normal Unarmed Melee Combat Attack and counts as a stun attack (per page 211, V2.2). Note a single bite attack is highly unlikely to be fatal - her normal tactic is to conduct multiple attacks on a weaker target until she has rendered the target unconscious, at which point she complete the kill whilst the victim is helpless.


She feeds by ingesting blood from a live victim and absorbing it into her own body, preventing her own flesh from decaying. Human blood is preferred, but the blood of any warm blooded mammal will suffice should human blood be unavailable. She takes the blood by biting her victim in the throat with fangs which are retractable, allowing her to hide them as and when she pleases. The feeding process is invariably fatal for the victim.   

She must feed once per month or she will begin to suffer the effects of flesh decay as follows:

-1 STR

-2 CON

-3 CHA

She will also begin to visibly age.

If she goes for three months without feeding she will lapse into a coma, and will remain comatose until revived with fresh blood.

Strengths and weaknesses

Natalia is not affected by sunlight, garlic, or crucifixes. She can also move in sunlight. She can cross running water, but it makes her uneasy (in no small part because her mother was drowned). She has no need of normal food, taking what nutrients she requires from her kills, although she drinks in the normal manner (and favours a glass of red wine in the evening. At least, it looks like red wine). Bullets will have virtually no effect on her, for she will regenerate the damage done almost immediately. Her bite does not cause those bitten to turn into vampires themselves. It simply causes them to die.

How to kill a vampire

Natalia can be killed by the following methods

1. Decapitation.

2. Burning to death. Fire will eventually consume a vampire. Eventually, for they will regenerate 1d6 hit points per second exposed to fire, so fire will only prove fatal if she remains in the fire long enough for damage caused to exceed hit points regenerated

3. Stake through the heart.

4. Drowning

5, Holy water; Holy Water consecrated by a Priest will burn her skin like acid on contact, so can be fatal if sufficient is used. Alternatively if she can be made to drink holy water it will have fatal consequences.

Her Companions


GM's have different options on the character of Katarzyna, or Katya for short.

1. Katya is also a vampire, albeit a much younger one than Natalia. She was born in the Ukraine in the 1920's and is still coming to terms with who and what she is, and is still learning, under Natalia's tutelage, how to use her powers fully. Her behaviour is that of a stereotypical teenage adolescent, frequently irrational and moody, for in vampire terms that is what she is. When she needs to feed she is likely to be far less circumspect than Natalia, for she has not yet learned how important it is that the human cattle should remain ignorant of her existence. As time goes on and Katya becomes stronger Natalia is likely to find it increasingly difficult to control the younger vampire.

In game terms, Katya is a veteran NPC in this option.

2. Katya is exactly what she appears to be. A Polish girl in her late teens. Natalia found her living on the streets of Krakow, alone, eking out an existence as best as she could...Natalia was about to devour her...feast on her blood...when, for some reason, she paused...decided to take the girl home with her rather than leaving her lifeless corpse hidden in the rubble. She is not quite sure why she reached that decision.

In game terms, Katya is a novice NPC in this option.

In either scenario Katya will come to Natalia's aid Should Natalia be attacked.


Thirty eight years old, Jerzy was a sergeant in the 6th Pomeranian Air Assault Division when War broke out. He was badly wounded in the defence of Czestochowa being shot in both legs and his right arm. He spent several months in hospital and still walks with a limp in his right leg. He first met Natalia in 1999 and now works for her. Whilst his primary role is as a bodyguard, he will also run errands for her. He is unaware of her true nature, although he suspects that there is something...unusual…about her but he is still extremely loyal to her. He is always armed with a P64 pistol, and also has an AKR submachine gun, which is kept in the house along with several hundred rounds of ammunition.

Jerzy is an experienced NPC


Magda was born in rural Poland in 1918. She knows who Natalia is, knows what Natalia is. For that day in 1944 it was Natalia that found her after the Russians raped her. It was Natalia that held her, Natalia that cared for her. Natalia that hunted down her rapists. Natalia that killed them, every one of them, and their deaths were neither swift nor painless. Magda has remained with Natalia ever since, has grown old whilst her employer remained youthful and beautiful. But Magda would do anything for Natalia. Anything.

Magda is a novice NPC