This is a work of fiction created for the Twilight 2000 Role Playing Game. Original material © Dave Ross

1996 - War

When the West German Army crossed over into East Germany on Monday 07 October 1996 the UK’s new Government had been in power for five months. Tired of nearly two decades of Conservative rule, the British public had voted overwhelmingly for the Labour Party on Thursday the 02nd of May, following a General Election that had played out to a backdrop of the ongoing Sino Soviet War and ever increasing global tensions. The new Prime Minister was forty five year old Tony Blake, a skilled orator and charismatic politician who over the last few years had led the transformation of the Labour Party into what had now become known as New Labour

The day after the West German invasion of East Germany the UK Parliament, meeting in emergency session, took the decision to place all British Forces worldwide on War alert. Territorial Army units and the Army’s Regular Reserve were mobilised; the 2nd Infantry Division began to deploy to Germany, whilst other Reservists and Territorials rapidly brought the rest of the BAOR up to full strength. Other units, including the Royal Marines’ 3rd Commando Brigade, deployed to Norway at the start of November to support the NATO forces in that country; it would be the forces in Norway that were the first British troops to see combat, when the Soviets  invaded that country at the end of the month.

The BAOR went into action shortly afterwards, with the 1st Armoured Division crossing the Inner German Border on 09th December and leading I British Corps on the drive to Berlin. Advanced elements of the Division reached the outskirts of the City on Christmas Eve. Meanwhile, in the Middle East elements of the UK’s Middle East Field Force moved to Iran.

There were some anti War protests, although these were limited in scope, with most of the population heeding the Government’s appeals to support the troops. Chief amongst the anti War campaigners was the maverick Member of Parliament George Graham. Graham, a former Labour MP from Dundee who had quit the Party in 1995 and was now the sole MP for the Progressive Party, was a frequent figure on British TV screens in his role as Spokesman for the Stop the War Coalition, a loose alliance of anti War groups that included the Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament. Known for being vain about his personal appearance, these frequent TV slots led to Graham earning the somewhat uncomplimentary nickname “Gorgeous George.”

Following the precedent set by previous World Wars, towards the end of December Parliament formally established a Coalition Government, with pre War Party loyalties temporarily set aside and senior members of the Conservative and Liberal Democrat Parties joining the Government. Douglas Montgomery, the leader of the Conservative Party and an experienced and respected Parliamentarian, was appointed Home Secretary and de facto Deputy Prime Minister.