The Journalists

This is a work of fiction created for the Twilight 2000 Role Playing Game. Original material © Dave Ross


The Swiss Guard

A Polish based encounter with an unusual group of soldiers transporting a secret - and very special - cargo to the Free City of Krakow

The King’s Messengers

British soldiers hand picked to carry messages of vital national importance, King’s Messengers can be encountered alone or in small groups throughout the UK, Europe, and even further afield.

The People Smugglers

They can get you past the guards and checkpoints that protect Cities such as Krakow. For a price.

But can they be trusted?

The Salvagers

“Entrepeneurs” who scour the battlefields of World War 3 in search of items of value to either use themselves or sell on for profit.

Mandalay Company

A Gurkha Rifle Company attached to the British Army of the Rhine who can be encountered in Poland and Germany .

The Wampir

A supernatural encounter set in Poland. Dare you hunt a vampire?

The Journalists

Even in the Year 2000, there are still those who seek to report the news.

The Downed Aviator

A shot down aviator who may - or may not - be what he seems